Over the years I have studied different types of art both, formally and informally, and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensible pieces.  In terms of what I enjoy most, it would have to be drawing animated figures, painting, and printmaking.  I find drawing to be relaxing and meditative and allows me to produce beautiful art. It is always identifiably figurative - though abstacted - with definite references to cubism and abstact expressionism.

These are some of the pieces that I have created over the years:

My artwork has always been an extremely personal expression. My pictures tend to express fullness, richness, birthing and the transformative aspects of life. A carefully mixed palette of high chroma colors are used with an innate compositional sense that helps to place forms effectively on the picture plane. The main figures are often female; some appear to be goddesses. My subject matter is frequently dreams and scenes with a mythological quality.
I am always seeking a dialogue with the canvas. My images speak to me, and I follow what they say. I make a stroke and ask "What does this mean to me?" and then respond. Painting is a journey, a constantly unfolding story. The piece becomes a frame out of a moving picture, and I capture the moment in time. At that moment creativity flows and a deeper essence can come forth. When I make something from this state of mind, I discover that other people usually recognize some significance in the work. I strive to strike a chord that rings true.

I have been working on monotypes. They are influenced by my work in animation. Facial features are repeated and abstracted. A raw expression displays my fascination with portraying honestly the feelings welling up in a particular moment. The style shows a certain spontaneity, which gives the image life. My work is a dialog with deeper understandings in myself. Creation becomes a means of self-discovery.

I am now working on more printmaking including diverse techniques such as stencils, woodcuts, linocuts, chine colle, paper lithography, etching, aquatint, soft ground and sugar lift.