Born into a family that placed a great value on the arts, I have pursued this interest all my life, experimenting with various disciplines (dancing, painting, printmaking and animation) and striving to bring form to my own inner journey. In my youth I received strong cultural saturation from my parents and their circle of friends. An apprenticeship with a talented sculptress taught me printmaking techniques. My formal education included The Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, New York University with a major in art history, SCSU in art education with a hope of teaching young people a process of self-exploration, and Wesleyan's Masters in Liberal Studies Program with a concentration in fine arts.

Throughout my life I have loved animation and cinematography. This passion culminated in a collaboration with artist, architect, and composer David Powrie. We received a grant from NEA and some awards from film festivals. The films have aired on Channel 13 and CPTV. Exhibitions of my work include several one artist shows. I was represented in Manhattan by The Red and The Black and a gallery in Locust Valley, New York.